Professor Maria Graça Rasteiro
University of Coimbra
online lecture on 16th March 2022, 3 p.m.- 5 p.m.
Monitoring aggregation processes in multiphase systems

Aggregation processes are important in several industrial processes. The lecture will start with a brief summary of the application of aggregation in different processes, including flocculation, to address, afterward, possible strategies for the continuous monitoring of aggregation processes, with a focus on optical techniques. The underlying principles of such techniques will be addressed, as well as possible limitations and applications. Examples of applications of two of those techniques, Laser Diffraction Spectroscopy and FBRM will be discussed in more detail, including advantages and limitations. Special attention will be given to application in real industrial processes, namely: papermaking and effluents treatment.

Everyone who wants to participate in this lecture is asked to send an e-mail to: (A. Boguslawski) before 14th March 2022.